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Cops and Robbers 

It doesn't matter if you're feeling naughty or nice as cops & robbers fancy dress costumes allow you to play out your mood. Whether you want to wear a convict fancy dress outfit and run off with some loot or chase a cutie with your handcuffs in hand ready to make an arrest we have a selection that can offer it all.

  • Convict Costumes
    Convict Costumes
    Quick, make a run for it! If you're looking to break out of jail the chances are you'll be wearing a convict fancy dress costume. Maybe you're looking to get arrested by a big, hunky police man or you want to take out your pent up frustration on a not so innocent bystander. Well we have exactly what you're looking for as you'll definitely get noticed in one of our prisoner costumes.
  • Police Woman Fancy Dress
    Police Woman Fancy Dress
    Is there anything more sexy than slipping into a naughty uniform and applying a pair of handcuffs to your partner? Or is that just us? We have lots of different cop costumes for you to choose from, which all suit different occasions. You could be looking for an outfit to wear out on a hen night or a cheeky cop costume to make your partners fantasy come true in the bedroom. Whatever your eventual choice might be don't forget to pick up the appropriate accessories to go with the costume. Most of our police woman costumes come with a hat and handcuffs, but if they don't you can buy them separately from the accessories category.

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